AC: 18 Lv:23 (CR 25) Lich STR: 15, DEX: 14, CON: 15, INT: 23, WIS: 17, CHA: 17, SPD: 30ft


An ancient Lich who serves “The Ideal Mysterie”, the most powerful force in existence. Powerful as Kha’Jaah is, he fears his Master, and The Wrath of the Gods. He is somewhat vain.85236fcd-e268-4393-bf24-d8fadcbebb61.png


Kha’Jaah apprenticed to Magister Barissan the Stern at age 3, and had mastered complex incantations by 6 (lv. 4 spells). He quickly outstripped his Master, and by the young age of 23 was considered among the top 5 most skilled wizards in the world. By the age of 30, Kha’Jaah had mastered all the True Dweomers (AD&D: DM Option: High Level Play). By 31, he had created his own spells; perplexing even the most skilled of wizards. His most memorable spells include “Kha’Jaah’s Furious Retribution,” “Kha’Jaah’s Scathing Glower,” etc.


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